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Training for the Competition Commission

In conjunction with IPA, the company has provided essential training services to the Competition Commission on the operation of the UK gas and electricity markets, prior to the Competition Commission taking on their new role under the Energy Act 2004 (whereby Ofgems decisions on the Network Code can be referred to the Competition Commission). TPA Solutions led the training on gas covering items including the structure of the industry (both physical and commercial), industry evolution, regulation and licensing, and the network code. The training was very well received by the Commission who appreciated the knowledge and the professionalism of the presenters and have requested further sessions for those that were unable to attend the earlier courses.

Clients Comments:

"Various people have commented that this was the best training they have attended at the CC (and the competition isn't entirely feeble). In particular, I think Members were impressed by the depth of knowledge and willingness to engage with questioners, exhibited by all main and guest speakers. I was delighted, both with the planning of topics and speakers for each day, and with the performance of all of the speakers on the days themselves."
John Davies, Competition Commission

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