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Gas Balancing Rules in Europe

Again working in partnership with NERA, TPA Solutions undertook a study for the Council for European Energy Regulators (CEER), funded by the Belgian Energy Regulator CREG. CEER have recently published principles for balancing rules, and asked TPA and NERA to assess the need for further harmonisation across the EU by evaluating the operation of existing balancing rules in Member States.

The project reviewed the balancing principles against a set of standards to identify any gaps or weaknesses, and then undertook detailed case studies of 3 countries, and reviewed the balancing rules in a further 3, to explore potential issues and concerns. The review highlighted several key issues including the importance of appropriate information flows, the role of the transportation system operator, treatment of gas in cross border transit and concerns over inadequate flexibility.

View report Gas Balancing Rules in Europe. A Report for CREG

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