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Welcome to TPA Solutions

TPA Solutions is an independent consultancy established in March 2003 to provide commercial, technical and regulatory services to clients across the gas supply chain.

Our focus is to help clients develop, implement and operate successful "third party access" regimes in liberalised, regulated and competitive markets anywhere in the world.

Clients may be transporters or shippers; suppliers or customers; regulators or incumbent utilities. What they all have in common is the need to address the challenges and opportunities posed by market liberalisation.

TPA Solutions is uniquely well qualified in market liberalisation, from the earliest developments through to full opening. Our expert advice is grounded in many years of first hand experience as key principals at the sharp end of designing and operating open access arrangements.

third party access problems, solved...
TPA Solutions helps clients
to operate successfully in liberalised, regulated and competitive environments anywhere in the world.


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