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Richard Robinson

Richard is a leading expert in the development of supply and demand forecasting methodologies and the analysis of the impact of all aspects of market liberalisation on security of gas supply. He has also played a key role in the development of processes for the management of the impact of liberalisation on the development of the transportation network and storage services and the development of commercial arrangements associated with the creation of a fully competitive gas market.

As a Director of TPA Solutions Richard has provided technical and commercial advice to many clients throughout Europe and Asia primarily associated with the development or operation of Third Party Access regimes. Assignments have been completed in China, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey and the UK.

Prior to establishing himself as a consultant Richard gained extensive first-hand experience of the development of third-party access in the UK. He had a long and varied career in the UK gas industry working for Transco (formerly British Gas). His experience with the company was primarily in the UK gas transportation business, the last 10 years being at both the strategic and operational level during the transition to full competition in the gas market. He was also a key player in the development of the National and Regional Transmission Systems in both planning and investment evaluation roles and has operational experience of both transmission and distribution networks.

As Manager Market Forecasting he promoted and took responsibility for producing and publishing Transco’s medium and long term gas supply and demand forecasts known as the Ten Year Statement (10YS) which is widely used as a reference work in the energy industry and was a key working document for all National and Local network development.

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