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Brian Withington MBE

Brian has been working in the gas industry for over 30 years as an active practitioner,senior manager and director in British Gas and successor companies, and more recently as the managing director of a niche consultancy business. He played a major leadership role in the liberalisation of the UK gas industry in the 1990s and is widely recognised, particularly for the negotiation of Transco’s groundbreaking Network Code, and was awarded the MBE in 1997 for services to the gas industry.

Subsequently, as a Director at Transco, Brian influenced the development of regulatory strategy in areas such as price control, tariff design and licence arrangements, and also successfully led the development and implementation of a major reform of commercial arrangements in 1999.

Brian’s expertise was recognised in Europe when he was appointed as a founding Vice president of GTE, the association of European transmission companies, and he was heavily involved in the formative Madrid Forum process to pursue gas market liberalisation in mainland Europe.

In March 2003 Brian established TPA Solutions with several former colleagues, to advise on the development, implementation and operation of open access regimes. Since then he has led, or participated in, numerous international consultancy assignments in Europe, Asia and most recently Africa.

Brian is an expert in commercial contracts and gas transportation regime design, particularly in relation to energy balancing arrangements, capacity rules and tariff methodology, which is complemented by his extensive experience of regulatory arrangements and complex long term gas purchase and allocation agreements.

Key Achievements and Experience

• 10 years experience leading and performing international consultancy projects primarily in the gas industry for clients in countries such as India, China, Turkey, Singapore, Nigeria as well as mainland Europe, the UK and Ireland

• Trusted adviser to numerous clients, including major producers, transportation companies, suppliers and regulatory authorities

• 12 years experience at the forefront of the development of liberalised markets, regulation and transportation services in the gas industry in various senior manager and director level roles for British Gas, Transco and GTE

• Awarded the MBE in 1997 for services to the gas industry, including the successful negotiation of Transco’s Network Code, a major contractual and logistical initiative, which enabled the introduction of full competition in the supply of gas to nearly 20 million business and residential consumers

• Led the development, consultation and introduction of new national transmission tariffs methodology (entry/exit), which was critical in paving the way for the highly successful NBP trading hub. Also reformed regional distribution system charging, which is still in use by National Grid today

• Extensive and constructive involvement with regulatory authorities on price controls, tariff design, competition commission references, licence modification and transportation service development

• UK representative and Vice President of GTE (Gas Transmission Europe) for first 2 years of its existence, heavily involved in the Madrid Forum process with DGTREN, CEER and others, pursuing gas market liberalisation in Europe

• 6 years experience of gas purchasing, negotiating and managing major gas purchase contracts on behalf of British Gas, including leading the successful completion of the major Bruce field price negotiation.

Brian has been invited to speak at numerous international conferences, workshops and training programmes on subjects such as market liberalisation, regulation, commercial regime design, tariff methodology and security of supply. Before becoming a consultant his advice had already been sought by energy companies and regulators from France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Ireland, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and elsewhere. Brian is widely acknowledged for his unique combination of expertise, experience and persuasive, diplomatic advocacy, and has chaired various industry workshops on behalf of GTE and/or the EU commission.

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• Brian Withington MBE
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