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With our wealth and breadth of first hand experience we can advise and support your business wherever you are in the gas supply chain, from production, transmission, storage and distribution through to shipping, supply and final consumption. Our focus is on addressing the challenges presented by liberalisation, competition and regulation, but we have extensive knowledge of the gas industry before, during and after the advent of market opening.

We can design open access regimes from licence framework through to detailed contract drafting. We can lobby government agencies and regulators objectively and persuasively on your behalf. We can negotiate gas sales, transportation, storage and ancillary agreements or assist you in the process. We can advise you on IT system requirements and the practical implementation of open access regimes. We can support you in overcoming the challenges of operating in a new environment, whether you are facing the pressures of regulation, competition or a combination of the two.

We can help wherever you are in the evolving market liberalisation process: from initial regime design, facilitating market opening and coping with new entry through to operating in the competitive market, responding to regulatory incentives, and developing more sophisticated market mechanisms.

third party access problems, solved...
TPA Solutions helps clients
to operate successfully in liberalised, regulated and competitive environments anywhere in the world.

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