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  • Balancing the network safely and efficiently when there is no longer direct access to traditional gas supply contracts
  • Defining, allocating and where necessary rationing capacity, including consideration of interruptible services
  • Designing (and getting approval) for tariff methodologies and new connection policy
  • Managing a constructive regulatory relationship, including the negotiation of price or revenue controls
  • Shaping and responding to new incentives for efficiency, including benchmarking operations to demonstrate (or encourage) productivity
  • Ensuring security of supply and reviewing or establishing appropriate security standards and criteria
  • Investing wisely in a more fragmented industry with different information and physical flows
  • Protecting new or old assets against the risk of "stranding"
  • Facilitating wholesale competition and traded markets
  • Achieving interoperability with neighbouring transmission or upstream systems, including gas quality, contractual and information issues
  • Reorganising the business and developing new skills such as market operations, regulatory and shipper management
  • Developing appropriate and flexible IT systems to support shipper operations
  • Billing shippers accurately and managing credit risk
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to operate successfully in liberalised, regulated and competitive environments anywhere in the world.

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