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network use

  • Negotiating access to transmission, distribution and storage assets
  • Understanding the implications of terms of access and tariffs, including the costs of balancing charges
  • Identifying and overcoming barriers to market entry, including getting access to capacity and gas
  • Understanding network infrastructure and physical gas flows
  • Matching supply and demand, including use of storage and traded markets
  • Managing traded market risk and counterparty exposure
  • Forecasting demand accurately
  • Building and administering a customer portfolio
  • Developing appropriate and flexible IT systems to support customer operations and communicate with transporter and storage systems
  • Billing customers accurately and managing credit risk
  • Achieving appropriate operational terms from the network such as gas quality, pressure and flexible off-take profile
  • Introducing new customer connections to the network on fair terms
  • Managing public service obligations and standards of service
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to operate successfully in liberalised, regulated and competitive environments anywhere in the world.

• Network Use

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