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who we are

The Directors of TPA Solutions have a very strong background in the liberalization of the UK gas market combined with more recent experience of emerging regimes in mainland Europe and Ireland. Unlike many other consultancies, our expertise is based on first hand experience as principal agents of change, primarily for British Gas and Transco, and our focus is very much on Third Party Access. Our skills range from conceptual regime design; via contract negotiation and drafting; through to practical implementation and operation.

Our aim is to provide the very best service in areas where we have core skills and experience, and to advise impartially when service can be better provided elsewhere. With a clear focus on our clients' interests, our objective is to build and maintain long term relationships of mutual value. Experience suggests that liberalisation is more like a journey rather than a destination - let TPA Solutions be your trusted guide and advisor along the way.

It is with deep regret that we have to inform everyone that Mark Sutton passed away during the night of the 6/7th August 2016. We have prepared a tribute to Mark which can be accessed here.

Brian Withington MBE Richard Robinson

third party access problems, solved...
TPA Solutions helps clients
to operate successfully in liberalised, regulated and competitive environments anywhere in the world.

Brian Withington MBE
Richard Robinson

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